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hand holding a wine bottle candle in bergamot and pine by burning soul, with blurred weigh and pay shop in background

Great gift ideas

Like this vegan candle made in an upcycled wine bottle, fom local candle makers Burning Soul London!

These guys collect empty wine bottles from a lovely local South London pub and use them for their amazing candles, which have an incredible 70 - 90 hours burn time.

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owner jennifer poust and staff in front of weigh and pay shop in brixton village, photo of two girls shopkeepers wearing aprons

Weigh and Pay

A zero waste shop specialising in natural skincare and household products. You can refill your face wash, laundry liquid and even your toothpaste here!

We offer free click and collect to our little shop in Brixton but we also deliver our eco friendly items all over the world!

What is zero waste?

Refill your containers

Buy only what you need

Reduce your environmental impact 


In a nutshell, zero waste means sending nothing to landfillThe concept is simple, but we know that it in practice it might not always be so easy. At Weigh and Pay, our approach to zero waste is that it should be about doing what you can. Small changes will make a big difference! 






At Weigh and Pay, we are all about making eco-friendly shopping available to everyone!

We want to offer a way to shop sustainably and reduce your environmental impact, through refilling containers and buying only what you need. Shopping at Weigh and Pay creates less packaging waste, less food waste and encouages a more eco-conscious attitude.

Ours is a basic, simple concept of encouraging low waste shopping, with no strings attached. The idea is not that you need to be 100% zero waste or to live the ‘perfect green life’ - the idea is that everyone can refill at least one item in their household without spending more money.


✔ Sustainable and eco-friendly

 No single-use plastic

 Ethical and affordable prices

 Vegan, organic, locally sourced products


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interior photo of weigh and pay zero waste shop in brixton village

Zero Waste Shopping in Brixton Village

Zero waste supplies - plastic free shopping - natural skincare - refills - eco friendly products - produce without the packaging - sustainable gifts... and more!