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Suneeta London

Aloe & Jojoba Clay Facial Scrub

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Made with biodegradable jojoba beads and aloe vera, this gentle grainy scrub by Suneeta London effectively buffs away dead skin and surface impurities, without damaging delicate skin. Fuller's earth clay and sandalwood essential oil purify the pores, removing excess oil without drying out the skin. Leaves your skin moisturised, soft and clean. 

Aloe Vera Gel - Calms inflammation and moisturisers the skin.

Fuller's Earth Clay - Gently exfoliating. Absorbs excess oil and de-clogs pores.

Jojoba Beads - Nature-friendly alternative to plastic microbeads that buff away dead skin.

Vegetable Glycerine - Hydrating and non greasy.

Sandalwood Essential Oil - Lightly astringent and delicately fragrant.

N.B. Lid colour may vary


It is usually recommended to use scrubs once or twice a week, although this scrub is gentle enough to be used as often as you'd like. Wet face with warm water, take a small spoon or pea sized amount of scrub and massage around damp face in circular motions. Remove gently with a flannel or rinse face with water then pat dry. Avoid eye area. 

The exfoliant in this 100% natural facial scrub is organic jojoba beads. Unlike plastic microbeads, found in many high street scrubs and cleansers, jojoba beads are completely biodegradable and occur naturally. What's more, their round shape offers super effective exfoliation without the harshness of other typical abrasives, such as apricot shell, as jojoba beads do not have sharp edges and therefore do not risk causing micro-tears in the skin. Better for your skin and for the environment!

Available in zero waste refills in-store
multiple options
glass or recycled plastic
Ingredients  Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) gel, Solum Fullonum (Fuller's Earth) clay, Simmondsia Chinesis (jojoba) beads, Glycerine, Amyris Balsamifers (sandalwood) essential oil. 
Aloe & Jojoba Clay Facial Scrub by Suneeta London.



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